An Eclectic Easter Weekend

What age is deemed unacceptable to enjoy an Easter Egg Hunt?  

This Easter we decided to relive our childhood with our own #EgglecticHunt that took place on Good Friday in Spinningfields, Manchester. However, instead of winning sweets & chocolates and eating ourselves into sugar coma’s, we wanted to give a little back to our Eclectic Community to say thanks for all their support! Here are the prizes that were up for grabs…

OnThe7th Membership & Afternoon Tea for Two 
Afternoon Tea for Four at Great John Street
An overnight stay at Eleven Didsbury Park
An overnight stay at Great John Street
An exclusive mystery prize: An overnight stay at our new hotel King Street Townhouse opening Spring 2015 & An Afternoon Tea for Two at Great John Street

Kick-off was at 2:00pm, riddles were released across our Twitter & Facebook as to where in Spinningfields the Eggs were located and the hunt commenced. We saw heaps of people tracing the clues and by 2:53pm we had 4 very happy winners!

We are still on the look out for one of our winners, if you took part and were lucky enough to find the last egg please do get in contact!

It was a great, sunny success with lots of fantastic feedback, social media conversation and quite rightly delighted winners!

A big thank you goes out to our participating venues; Australasia, The Alchemist, Artisan and Ted Baker

If you missed out this year don’t worry as we plan to continue our Easter #EgglecticHunt next year with more eggs, more prizes and more winners! Hoorah!